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Business Change & Change Management

In the 21st Century CHANGE has become a fact of life. The speed of change can be breath-taking at times, if not frightening to some.

Businesses and Organisations need to be willing to change if they are to succeed. Standing still is in reality the first step backwards in today’s world.

Organisations and the people within often require guidance and help during the Change Process – not everybody is the same.
IMC&T Ltd offer the following service:
  • Consultation on the Change Process
  • Assistance in Managing the Change
Change involves and affects personnel throughout the organisation, from top to bottom and back again.

When the need to CHANGE arises most senior executives conventionally place their focus on the ‘Bottom Line’ – they concentrate on strategic and tactical plans. Sadly the ‘Human Aspects’ of the change are not always considered.

Without buy-in from the people within the organisation then any degree of change will be at best difficult.

It is an accepted fact that any long-term transformation (Change) has a number of key characteristics.