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Whatever an Organisation changes:

  • New procedures
  • New systems
  • New products

Detailed Training Solutions and Management are essential in order to maximise the benefits of the change.

IMC&T Ltd follows the Systems Approach to Training model.

Training Design, Development and Delivery. 
  • Analysing the scope of training required to take individuals from the input standard to the required competency level and to integrate them into effective teams.
  • Training Effectiveness & Cost-Benefit Analyses.
  • Training Solution Specification.
  • Training Plan Development.
  • Training Course Design.
  • Defining course commencement, duration and completion dates to ensure the timely deployment of appropriately qualified personnel.
  • Realising enhanced and systematic formal on-the-job training, e-learning, video or other distance learning programmes.
  • Selecting appropriate available and emerging technologies.
  • Procuring Training Equipment, Courseware and Courses.
  • Training Resource Planning.
  • Training Management Systems.