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Living and Working in the Middle East can be many things:

  • Exhilarating
  • Adventurous
  • Challenging
  • Rewarding

In today’s economic climate and the resurgence of growth in the Middle East more and more companies are looking to trade in this part of the world, often placing UK citizens into these countries to live for a few years. Career opportunities are vast, ranging from the construction industry to finance and banking to engineering. Expatriates have the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of leisure activities from golf (some world class courses), scuba diving (some of the best in the world), dune buggy trips (including camping overnight in the desert). Perhaps foremost in the mind of many of the ladies will be the shopping, the shopping malls are something to behold and stock an extremely wide range of items from around the globe.

The peoples of the Middle East are friendly however it can be quite easy to cause offence, particularly in the business arena with the resulting loss of business opportunities etc. This is where a ‘first hand’ knowledge of what to do and perhaps more importantly what not to do is essential.

The level of acceptance with regards to alcohol, dress code and general behavior varies across the region. One look at the holiday brochures for Dubai indicates the openness of dress code on the beaches and the apparent freedom for the visitor or expatriate living there. However care needs to be taken not to offend.

Alcohol is legally available in some of the Middle East countries although it may be restricted to 5 Star hotels and residents with a special permit. The main exceptions are Saudi Arabia and Kuwait where it is banned completely. Drugs, even recreational drugs, are illegal in all Middle East countries. Christian worship is allowed in most countries, with many having churches very visible. Saudi Arabia is the main exception to this.

To assist individuals and business organisations prepare for travel to the Middle East IMC&T Ltd can provide the following:

  • Individual consultation
  • Corporate consultation

In addition IMC&T Ltd can assist with visitors to the UK from the Middle East.